Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) / Medical Coding Outsourcing

Denials and Accounts Receivable Management

Claims get denied. It happens. Sometimes it’s because of something as simple as a missing requirement, such as a document or a single, crucial piece of information. Sometimes, the reason is more serious, requiring the intervention of a patient’s physician. Whatever the case, addressing denied claims or a remittance advice is part of the challenges that medical practices need to address.

When every dollar counts, an efficient cash flow can have significantly positive implications on your operations. Most insurance carriers are required to pay the claim or provide a denial in writing within 30 days of receipt. When you partner with ADEC Innovations Health Solutions, all the denials are segregated and forwarded to our denial management team for prompt resolution. The team then measures, monitors, analyzes, and resolves all the denials received from each payer.